I arrived in Sinfin on Monday 15th February 1971, the day old money, pounds, shillings and pence, became decimalised. At that time, the 'New Estate' was still in its infancy and my dad was a site labourer for J.H. Fryer. It's probable that my old man laid the foundations of the house I now own.


Having spent my first ten years as a townie, Sinfin was an absolute breath of fresh air. Miles of open countryside surrounded us. The fields, woods, a canal, river, gravel pits and the golf course were a paradise for exploration and discovery. We had building sites, the barracks, the old storage depot and the construction of Wilmore Road, which combined to create a massive adventure playground. I loved Sinfin from the minute I stepped foot into the place and I still do.


I'm no photographer by any means, but I do enjoy dabbling with my little compact digital, a touch of photo manipulation and my perception. This album is my own personal perspective of Sinfin.

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