They are intent on building an industrial waste plant in the middle of our community that will affect life all around us.


We'll have potentially harmful gasses floating around Sinfin, Normanton, Osmaston and wherever else, carrying chemicals that could affect us, our children and our grandchildren.

There will be further congestion and dangers on our roads due to increased heavy traffic on a blind junction next to Sinfin Lane Bridge. Traffic will increase from the ring road and, if plans go ahead, the link to the A50 via a proposed industrial estate on Wilmore Road. Plus there will be a further increase from the proposed housing estate on Goodsmoor Road.


We protested and we won!

A government planning inspector agreed with the local people and turned down permission to build a waste plant, but our council leaders don't give a 'crap'. It even frustrates them.


This is an extract of a letter from Council Leader Harvey Jennings to Secretary of State Eric Pickles:

"Our proposals have recently been frustrated by a decision of the planning inspectorate to reject a planning appeal which had been made by our contractor, Resource Recovery Solutions (Derbyshire) Limited (“RRS”) for a waste treatment facility to be developed at Sinfin Lane, Derby.  Leading Counsel, acting on behalf of RRS, has advised that there are a number of aspects of the inspector’s decision which are unlawful"


Full Letter click here


Our Council are now claiming the sensible decision is unlawful!


Are we in Sinfin and our surrounding areas going to let our councillors dump on us?


Are we bovvered?


We bloody should be!

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